The Superhero Workout Review of John Romaniello’s

by admin on July 19, 2011

The Superhero Workout Review of John Romaniello’s Program

Is it really the system that can give you the six-pack of Superman?  Or is it more of a lowly Clark Kent?  We blow the whistle on John Romaniello’s latest offering…

The Superhero Workout – what’s that all about then?  Just a clever marketing ploy for more of what we’ve seen time and time again?  Or has Mr. Romaniello genuinely come up with something that’s worth spending your hard-earned dollars on?

Let’s take a look at what’s being billed as “the only way to build a body that can fight crime, thwart evil, and save the world (while looking AWESOME).”

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What do you get for your money?

The first thing to stress is that John Romaniello isn’t the only guy responsible for the Superhsuperhero workout program The Superhero Workout Review of John RomaniellosHero Workout.  It’s been co-designed with another big name in the world of fitness – Mr. Matt McGorry.  Well known for his work with many of the top names in the movie world and getting them into peak shape for various roles, Matt has also been awarded the prestigious ‘Trainer of the Month’ by Men’s Fitness magazine – along with a whole host of other recognitions (and his body is the epitome of a Super Hero too!)

Right then, enough about that, let’s get back to the Superhero workout review!

The Superhero Workout routine is essentially a four-phase program, designed to get you leaner, more ripped and stronger than you’ve ever been before so you can look like a superhero.  Consisting of a 12-week course, each ‘phase’ draws its inspiration from a Super Hero (or heroes) that are specifically known for the qualities that particular phase is addressing.

  • Phase One is aimed at strength and power.  Think ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America.’  This lasts three weeks and is aimed at building muscle, power and sheer explosiveness in your movements.
  • Phase Two is all about speed and agility.  These two weeks draw from the dexterity and endurance of Super Heroes such as Batman, Cat Woman and The Punisher.  During this phase you will drop the fat, gain staying power and develop tolerance to local muscle fatigue.
  • Phase Three is split into two parts; one for the men, and one for the laideeeeees!  Because this four week phase is about ‘blowing it up’ for the men – using the Incredible Hulk for inspiration.  And for the gentler sex?  Well, these four weeks are co-written with probably one of the fittest bodies in the female fitness industry – Flavia DelMonte.  This is a month’s worth of super fat-loss and toning designed to get you into Cat Woman, Black Widow and Wonder Woman shape.
  • Phase Four – it’s time to mix it all up!  Drawing from bands of Super Heroes such as X-Men and The Fantastic 4, this four day a week, four week program combines fat loss, strength training, mass building and conditioning.

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The program consists of the following:

  • The Super Hero Workout Training Manual.  This is the core program, co-written by these two A-list New York fitness trainers, and based on exactly the same strategies used to get their celebrity clients in simply their best ever shape in order to take on the movie roles of some of your favorite super heroes.
  • The Female SuperHero Training Manual.  Designed for the fairer sex, and co-written by Flavia DelMonte.  Dynamically put together to get the ladies that yearned for Wonder Woman physique (Superhero fitness)
  • The Supplementation Guide.  This goes above and beyond the usual ‘diet’ information that’s plugged out again and again in its various forms.  Based on the timelines that work specifically with your body’s chemistry, this helps you understand exactly what you should eat, when you should eat and, more importantly, why!
  • The Super Hero Gear Guide.  This tells you exactly the kind of (easily accessible) exercise equipment that John and Matt use to help get their celebrity clients into shape.
  • The SuperHero Quick Start Check List.  To ensure that you have everything in place to commence the program.
  • The SuperHero Exercise Database.  A specifically designed log so you can see exactly how you’re doing – and whether you need to step up the pace or rein it in a little.

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 Who is it for?

D’you know, it’s so refreshing to see a workout and fitness plan that genuinely takes both sexes into account.  After all, it’s so easy for trainers just to pay lip service to women in order to try and get a few more sales.  But how many specifically write in a training program so that the girls don’t have to think ‘oh, I don’t think I’ll include that part as it might make me bulk up?’  And to have Flavia DelMonte co-write this is simply a touch of genius.

And don’t think that you can’t take on the SuperHero Workout unless you’re already three quarters of the way there.  Because this program takes into account your specific level of fitness, and works it from there.  If ever there really was a program that we could say adjusts to a one-size fits all, then this is probably the one.  Although if you’re currently enjoying the couch potato lifestyle, we recommend that you take it easy for the first few weeks of training.

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Who is John Romaniello?

John is no newcomer to the world of fitness and bodybuilding.  In fact, if you’re into fitness at even the most meagre sense of the word – you can’t fail to have heard of him.  New York’s premier fat-loss and muscle building expert, John not only talks a good plan, but you only need take a look at his physique to know that he practices what he preaches.

With an enviable list of celebrity clients, he’s been featured on some of the top U.S. TV shows and magazines – such as Good Morning America, Men’s Health Magazine, Shape for Women and T-Muscle.  It seems that wherever you turn right now, John Romaniello is right there, his ripped six pack staring you right in the face.

The Pros

  • First off, this program is specifically designed to make you drop the extra pounds, tone, bulk up (for men) and leave you with a body to be proud of.  It really does cover every part of the fitness process, leaving nothing to chance.
  • The fact that it targets both men and women.
  • The manuals are fun to read.  John Romaniello certainly has his own style – and there’s nothing dry or boring that’ll have you flipping through the pages trying to find something of interest.
  • The nutrition guide is like a breath of fresh air.  Rather than just telling you what you should eat and when you should eat, it explains – in easy to understand terms – exactly why.

The Cons

  • OK, the Super Hero angle is a little geeky – a fact that John Romaniello freely admits.  But it’s a bit of fun – and a quirky way of adding a bit of humor to the program.
  • The Super Hero body doesn’t come easy.  You’re going to have to put some work in to get the results that it promises.  But who said anything worthwhile was going to be easy!

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The Bottom Line

In a nutshell – it works.  If you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, in three month’s time you really can have a body that – even if it doesn’t include Super Hero powers – will be one that’ll be gaining you admiring glances from your friends and family.  And from quite a few strangers as well!

Even with all the Batman and Captain America references, we really do have to give this one the thumbs up.  Well done John – and let’s not forget his co-authors, Matt McGorry and Flavia DelMonte.

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